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FAMU College of Law Original Alumni List


Class of 1968

The College of Law’s rich tradition of excellence dates back to its original founding. On December 21, 1949, a division of law was established at the then Florida A&M College, and the first class was admitted in 1951. In 1966 the Florida Board of Control (later known as the Board of Regents) withdrew its permission for the institution to admit law students, and two years later, the law school graduated its last class and closed its doors. Between 1954 and 1968, the law school graduated 57 students men and women who have gone on to make significant contributions to the legal profession both within the state and throughout the nation.

Below is a listing of the graduates from the original



Remus C.E. Allen


Henry Edward Jones, Jr.

Abraham L. Bassie


Arthenia Joyner

Jennings Best


Harry S. Juster

Thomas D. Broadwater


Howard Gore Knight

Richard Burdine


Benjamin F. Lampkin, Jr.

Augustus F. Caine


Vernon M. Lee

Timothy Castell


William Lewin, II

Gwendolyn Sawyer Cherry


William C. Lewis

Allen Turner Clark, III


Theries C. Lindsey

Lorenza Collins


Daniel D. Mangiamele

Henry A. Collins, Jr.


James W. Matthews

Freddie Coward


Ralph Eugene Maultsby

John Due, Jr.


Jesse J. McCrary

Ed Duffee, Jr.


Darrel A. McGhee

Ralph L. Flowers


Perker Lee Meeks

Rosa H. Foote


Irving L. Mills, Jr.

Bernice Gaines


Samuel  Moncur

Joseph A. Gersham


Samuel P. Nesbitt

Horace D. Goode, Jr.


Bertram W.N. Perry

Cornelius W. Grant


Hemphill Pride, Jr.

George A. Grogan, Jr.


Glenn D. Pritchett

Alcee Hastings


Edward Rodgers, Sr.

Elbert Hatchett


Hiram Seymour

Jerry Hill


Henry Thompson

Charles Henry Jackson


Herman B. Walden

Benjamin D James, Jr.


William Waterman

Odell Johns


Frank H. White

Kellon Jones


Isiah J. Williams, III



Bette Winbish