Campus Life

Current Issue


Fall, 2011 - Volume 7, Issue 1


Obama and Libya by Benjamin G. Davis

Obama's Africa Policy on Human Rights, Use of Force and Humanitarian Intervention: In Whose Interest? by Vincent O. Nmehielle


An Elucidating Response to Erroneous Outrage: Why Continued Law of War Detention Under Executive Order 13.567 is Legal by Jenny Liebanow

Uneasy Lies the Hand That Clicks the Mouse: Presidential Power and Wikileaks by Andrew Pekoe

Crime Upon the Sea: Reshaping American Jurisprudence on International Policy by Ta'Ronce Stowes


Spring 2012 - Volume 7, Issue 2


Environmental Rights in International Law: Explicitly Recognized or Creatively Interpreted? by Professor Svitlana Kravchenko

Adios to Paradise: The Yacyreta Dam and The Destruction of Environmental and Human Rights by Professor Itzchak Kornfeld

Environmental Justice with Chinese Characteristics: Recent Developments in Using Environmental Public Interest Litigation to Strengthen Access to Environmental Justice by Jingjing Liu

Should We Adopt a Specific Regulation to Protect People That are Displaced by Hydroelectric Projects?: Reflections Based on Brazilian Law and the “Belo Monte” Case by Bibiana Graeff

Biopiracy in the Brazilian Amazon: Learning from International and Comparative Law Successes and Shortcomings to Help Promote Biodiversity Conservation in Brazil by Vanessa Danley

How Sweet It Isn’t: Big Sugar’s Power Politics and the Fate of the Florida Everglades by Katherine Mohr


Student Note

The ACF Water Crisis: A Major Challenge with a Feasible “Volunteer” Solution by Tremaine Reese