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FAMU Law Library Collections

 The Law Library has an extensive collection of materials in a variety of formats including print, electronic, microform, CD-ROMs, and DVDs.  The collection consists of over 391,000 print volumes and microform volume equivalents.  Of this total, over 139,250 volumes are in print.  The individual collections of note are detailed below. 


Virgil Hawkins Collection

The Virgil Hawkins Collection is located on the fourth floor of the Law Library.  The collection consists of American and British primary materials, case reporters, legal periodicals and treatises.

This collection originated with the first FAMU College of Law which existed from 1949 to 1968.  After its closure in 1968, most of the FAMU Law Library collection was transferred to the Florida State University College of Law, which opened in 1966.  The collection was named the Virgil Hawkins Collection, after the civil rights pioneer who played an important role in the desegregation of legal education in Florida.  In 2006 Florida State University transferred the Hawkins Collection back to the FAMU College of Law.  The collection has tremendous historical value and serves as a material reminder of significant past events that have impacted the FAMU College of Law.


International Law Collection

 The Law Library is developing an international law collection to support the College of Law’s Center for International Law and Justice, as well as the increasingly global nature of many areas of the study of law.  The collection is located on the fourth floor of the Law Library.


Orange County Law Collection 

 In the 1980’s, the Orange County Law Library collection was transferred from the Orange County Courthouse to the Orlando Public Library. Pursuant to an agreement signed by the City of Orlando, FAMU, and the Orange County Bar Association in 2003, the volumes formerly housed at, and maintained by, the Orlando Public Library are now being housed at, and maintained by, the College of Law Library.   Funded by Orange County, this Collection serves the research and practice needs of members of the Orange County Bar and members of the surrounding community.  The focus of this collection is on the legal practitioner’s needs with some selections, as well, for lay persons. 


Florida Collection

The Florida Collection is located in an area of the second floor near the main collection area.  It contains Florida Statutes, Laws of Florida, Florida Legislative material, Florida Jurisprudence, West’s Florida Digest and an extensive array of Florida practice materials.


Civil Rights Collection

 The items in this collection are located throughout the Law Library.  The collection is an important part of the Law Library’s focus and might, in the future, have a designated separate location.  A primary focus is on the Civil Rights movement in the United States from the 1950’s through 1970.


Faculty Publications Collection

This collection is currently located in display cases in the first floor common area of the Law Library.  The Law Library is undertaking to increase this collection through active collection of works produced by our faculty while they are teaching at the College of Law.


Law in Popular Culture Collection

 Located on the first and fourth floors of the Library, this collection includes works of fiction that either include a lawyer as a central character or have been authored by a lawyer. This collection includes over 100 classic and modern legal-themed DVDs that may be assigned by your professor for course work or that will provide you with a break from your law school studies.

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