Center for International Law and Justice

International Faculty Opportunities

The CILJ is developing an array of faculty initiatives that complement its mission.




Distinguished Professor and Scholar Program

  • The CILJ manages a visiting professor and scholar program that enables professors, judges and scholars with international and comparative law interests an opportunity to conduct research, teach and lecture on international issues at the COL.  The Distinguished Professor and Scholar Program aims to enrich the educational and scholarly environment for faculty and students. 

Faculty Capacity-building Programs

  • Encourage and support COL law faculty to incorporate international and comparative law content in their courses by conducting one-on-one consultations and by organizing seminars.
  • Support COL law faculty in conducting international, comparative, and foreign law research and in mobilizing resources for research (e.g. fellowships and grants).

Research and Advocacy Programs

  • Develop a range of research-related and advocacy-based activities that forge new scholarship on cutting-edge issues facing the developing world including its intersections with the West. These activities will foster synergy and partnerships with institutions within and outside of FAMU. The CILJ will lead one such initiative through the establishment and management of a Yearbook on International and Comparative Law in the Developing World (YICLDW) that will focus exclusively on Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East and be peer reviewed using external editors of international repute, internal editors and student assistance. The YICLDW will develop an international research profile for the COL, build stronger bonds among FAMU COL faculty and those at external institutions, and stimulate intellectual synergy among COL faculty and between faculty and students.