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ExamSoft Information and Procedures


Florida A&M University College of Law recognizes that institutions and organizations are increasingly integrating technology into testing. The College of Law now offers students the ability to take law school exams using their laptop computer in courses where professors have opted to use the ExamSoft SofTest software.   As a result, the College encourages students to take advantage of the current computer technology available with ExamSoft. The Florida Board of Law Examiners utilizes SofTest. By using the software during your studies at Florida A&M, you can become familiar with ExamSoft and eliminate the uncertainty of utilizing it during the bar exam if you choose to do so.


Please take a moment and read the following information. By registering for SofTest you acknowledge you have read, understand and agree with all the policies, procedures and warnings contained in this document.


 What is SofTest™ from ExamSoft?

SofTest is an exam delivery module licensed by ExamSoft Worldwide Inc. The program serves as a simplified word processor that enables students to take an examination on a laptop computer. In an effort to avoid the vulnerabilities of most computer-based testing solutions, SofTest provides instructor the ability to lock down all Windows applications thereby providing exam security and reducing the risk of violations of the student Code of Conduct.


 Will SofTest work on my computer?

SofTest can be used on virtually any modern computer (i.e. purchased within the last 3-4 years).Specific system requirements are noted below:


PC System Requirements:

  • CPU = 1 GHz Pentium III or Industry Equivalent
  • RAM = 1 GB
  • Drives = 50 MB of free space
  • Operating System = English 32-bit Versions of Windows XP, 32-bit and 64-bit Versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. SofTest may not be used in virtual operating systems.
  • Software = Internet Browser
  • Internet Access for SofTest Installation, Exam Download and Upload
  • Screen Resolution must be 1024x768 or higher

It is not possible to take secure exams through a virtual operating system such as Microsoft's Virtual Machine, Parallels or VMware, VMware Fusion or any other virtual operating system environment. Although SofTest can be installed and registered on virtual platforms, it will only be enabled for non-secure Practice Exams.


Apple Macintosh Users

SofTest Mac is available.

Current Requirements

In order to use SofTest on your Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro, you must have:

  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v. 10.6) or Mac OS X Leopard (v. 10.5) AND
  • A valid copy of Windows XP, Vista or 7 installed using Apple's Bootcamp Assistant. Use of virtualization software like VMWare, Fusion, Parallels, etc is not allowed.


  • Bootcamp Assistant is available in the Utilities folder on your Macintosh HD
  • Microsoft Windows is not included with the Mac OS or SofTest, it needs to be purchased separately
  • Older versions of Mac OS X will require an OS upgrade in order to use Bootcamp and SofTest. To check the version of your Mac OS, click the Apple icon on the top left of the screen and then About this Mac


 What is the Registration Process?

In order to be eligible to take a computer exam, a student must:


The Registration Process involves the 4-steps needed to sign up to use and register SofTest.

Step 1:            Log In(30 seconds) enter your Student ID# and password

Step 2:            Download SofTestDownloading SofTest takes minutes on high-speed Internet connections and 30 – 60 minutes on dial-up connections

Step 3:            Reeboot  SofTest(1 minute) Once registered, you will be notified on-screen that you have completed the process and you will also receive a confirmation email to the address you provided in Step 1. Note that you must register SofTest by deadline provide to you by Florida A&M or you must hand write your exam. If you have any questions or issues with registration, contact ExamSoft technical support at support@examsoft.comor call toll-free 866.429.8889 ext. 114.

Step 4:            Mock Exam – (5-10 minutes) To familiarize yourself with the software prior to exam day, you will take a mock exam



What Student ID number do I use in Step 1 ?

Sign up with ExamSoft in Step 1 using your FAMU Student ID number.


 Can I practice using SofTest before the exam?

Yes. After registering SofTest, launch the program by double-clicking the SofTest icon on your Windows Desktop. Click the “LAUNCH SOFTEST” button. On the SofTest Start Window, select the “Practice Exam” button. Click “Yes” to take the Practice Exam and then “Yes” again to take it in secure mode. This enables you to familiarize yourself with the SofTest exam environment. You may use the Practice Exam as many times as you wish. Note that the Practice Exam cannot be saved, cannot be used until SofTest is registered, but can be printed during the exam.


What Should I do Prior to Exam Day?

  • Register SofTest prior to the date(s) of your exam(s). Note that you can re-download SofTest on additional computers for use as backups, however, you can typically only download exam files once so only do so on the computer you intend to use on exam day.
  • Ensure: (1) that your PC meets the specifications listed above, (2) that there is plenty of free hard drive space, (3) that your PC is virus free, and (4) that your PC is free of disk errors by running SCANDISK (click Start Button, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Scandisk or Disk Cleanup).
  • Once you have installed and registered SofTest, familiarize yourself with the software by utilizing the built-in Practice Exam feature.
  • SofTest’s opening screen asks for an ID#. Be sure to acquire this number prior to exam day.
  • Locate your A/C – battery power indicator light on your laptop to determine which light indicates you are running on A/C power (i.e. power from a wall outlet).
  • Ensure that your battery is charged prior to the exam in the event there is a temporary power outage.



What Must I do on Exam Day ?

  • Bring your power cord and battery (in the event of power loss).
  • Arrive at the exam room at least 30 minutes early, plug your computer into a power outlet, turn on the computer, and follow the instructions provided.
  • Do not uninstall SofTest until you receive your exam scores at the end of the academic year.
  •  Immediately before SofTest launches the exam, you will be provided a warning screen with RED STOP SIGNS indicating that you should not begin the exam until instructed to do so. Heed this warning.
  • Exams will not be delayed or suspended due to computer problems.
  • During the exam, use care when highlighting and deleting.
  • Students who do not take the time to become familiar with their laptop computer or with its word processing functions, should consider handwriting their exams. No administrative relief will be granted for incorrect use of the software.
  • Once you are finished typing your exam, you will save and exit the exam, your computer will automatically reboot, and it will then take 90 seconds for your exam to automatically upload. This is to ensure your wireless connectivity is enabled first. If there is no wireless connection within 90 seconds it will prompt you to hit the upload button. Do not leave the exam room until you have uploaded your exam and you receive a message saying “your exam has been successfully uploaded.” Failure to upload your exam before leaving the exam room may result in your exam not being graded.


 Other Things You Need To Know

  • Know what your Exam PIN number. Your Exam Pin is the four-digit number assigned by the Registrar’s office that we refer to as “Exam Numbers" . Your Exam PIN number is your unique identification you should use instead of your name, FAMU ID number. You must write your Exam PIN number on scantron sheets and paper bluebooks to identify yourself. Also, your professor may ask you to handwrite your Exam PIN number on the hardcopy of your exam.
  • Your Exam PIN number is automatically entered in the Exam ID blank when opening your exam file template in SofTest. DO NOT change this number.
  • Check the exam schedule. Exam room assignment information is added to this schedule during the week before final exams.
  • Know your ExamSoft username and password. Your ExamSoft username is the same as your 9-digit FAMU ID number. Your ExamSoft username and password will be sent to your FAMU e-mail address before the registration/installation period begins. If you do not receive your ExamSoft username and password please contact I.T. department or call 407.254.3270


Florida A&M University College of Law Important Notices

Use of ExamSoft falls within the rules, regulations, and academic policies that govern students at the Florida A&M University College of Law. Any attempt to disable or tamper with SofTest’s security features will be considered a violation of the student Code of Conduct.

Student use of ExamSoft is a privilege and not a right. The College of Law can not guarantee that all exams can be administered through ExamSoft or that all professors will permit the usage of the software in taking their exams.

Students use ExamSoft at their own risk. It is the student's responsibility to familiarize his or herself with their equipment and the SofTest software and instructions provided by Examsoft on its website prior to the start of their exam. Students should allow themselves sufficient time to become familiar with their laptop and the application. 

Commencement of the exam will not be delayed due to a hardware problem with a laptop.

While the College of Law proctors would like to resolve a computer or software problem during the exam, they are unfortunately prohibited from assisting you. If a computer or software problem occurs, you will be required to finish writing the exam by hand. Please note: you will not receive additional time to take your exam if you experience computer or software problems. It is your responsibility to keep track of the time and to complete the exam in the allotted time.

Exams taken on ExamSoft will be administered in the same room with all other students. The College of Law strongly encourages you to bring your own earplugs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

If you have any additional questions or encounter issues in your use of SofTest, visit