Committee Descriptions


 Public Relations Committee

  • Develop and implement programs or activities that will keep members and the community aware of the organizations events/activities and of member’s significant progress and achievement
  • Foster a sense of communication with members of the Alumni Alliance
  • Develop key messages of the Alumni Alliance
  • Develop new and creative ways to communicate with members, ensuring that the information disseminated is clear, timely and accurate


Fundraising Committee

  • Partner with the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs to create and execute efforts to increase the awareness and importance of annual fund giving
  • Develop programs to assist College of Law’s Office of Development solicit funds for the College of Law
  • Work with other committees seeking funding to identify and contact potential underwriters.


Volunteer/Community Outreach Committee

  • Create programs that promote the Alumni Alliance within the community
  • Create and organize community service programs unique to the Alliance
  • Encourage Alliance members’ involvement in community service programs
  • Develop a volunteer recruitment program
  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • Maintain a volunteer database


Alumni/Student Committee

  • Develop and plan events to strengthen relationships between alumni and students
  • Work with the College of Law to support programs designed to increase bar passage rate
  • Help direct and assist with the goals of the Alumni Alliance by introducing students to the organization


Special Events Committee

  • Partners with the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs to create and execute alumni events that promote networking throughout the year
  • Develop programs to foster a sense of community between the College of Law and members of the Alumni Alliance
  • Plan and implement events for the Alumni Alliance
  • Maintain an annual calendar of events for the organization


Professional Development/CLE Committee

  • Plan and execute professional development programs for the Alumni Alliance
  • Work with all alumni in the area of professional development, including both CLE and mentoring
  • Develop CLE opportunities for members
  • Approve the financial aspects of all CLE sponsored by the Alliance
  • Monitor the income and expenses from any CLE sponsored by the Alliance


Membership Committee

  • Implement programs to increase and maintain membership in the organization
  • Update members on upcoming events on a regular basis
  • Maintain alumni directory
  • Coordinate annual membership drive


By-Laws Committee

  • Receive and review any proposed amendments submitted by members
  • Draft proposed amendments to be submitted to the general body