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Space is limited for each session, so please register at least 1 week in advance of anticipated visit. Please provide the following information in the "Comments" section of the registration form:

1.      Date of anticipated law school enrollment (i.e. Fall 2014)

2.      Application status (i.e. current applicant, future applicant)

3.      LSAC account number

4.      List any specific questions. 


Prospective Students
Thank you for your interest in the FAMU College of Law.  To learn about the FAMU College of Law experience, we invite you to visit the campus. The Office of Admissions offers informational sessions and campus tours of the law school. Monday through Thursday. The information sessions are held with an Admissions representative and law student ambassadors lead the campus tours. Tours meet in the College of Law Atrium.

Classroom Observations
Prospective students are allowed to be a part of an actual class.  This provides firsthand observation of what our classroom atmosphere is like at the College of Law.  Classroom observations are conducted Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:00am. To register for an observation, please email with the subject “Classroom Observation NAME DATE”  Please register at least 3 days in advance of your anticipated tour date.    

Fall 2013 Information Session and Tour Schedule

(Beginning October 1, 2014 – Ending November 26, 2014)


Information Session & Tour @ 12:00PM (45 minutes)
Information Session & Tour @ 2:00PM (45 minutes)

Information Session & Tour @ 11:30AM (45 minutes)
Information Session & Tour @ 4:00PM (45 minutes)

Information Session & Tour @ 12:30PM (45 minutes)
Information Session & Tour @ 6:00PM (45 minutes)

Information Session & Tour @ 12:00PM (45 minutes)
Information Session & Tour @ 2:30PM (45 minutes)

Information Session & Tour @ 10:00AM
(45 minutes)