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Deleso Alford

Deleso A. Alford earned a B.S., magna cum laude at Southern University A & M College, a J.D. at Southern University Law Center, and an LL.M. at Georgetown University Law Center , Washington , DC.  She is a past Fulbright Scholar- Senegal/Cote d’Ivoire and Delegate to the World Conference Against Racism in Durban , South Africa (2001). Currently, she is pursuing a Masters of Arts degree in Bioethics from the Medical College of Wisconsin. Professor Alford is an Associate Professor of Law at Florida A & M University teaching Torts I and II, Race and the Law, Bioethics and the Law, and Critical Race Theory. Her scholarly research focuses on the integration of critical race feminist theory into medical school curriculum in order to address cultural competence accreditation mandates for medical education.

Professor Deleso Alford was named the University of New Mexico (UNM) Health Science Center's Inaugural Diversity Visiting Scholar for the summer 2012.  Prof. Alford was in residence at UNM from June 11, 2012 through July 27, 2012.  The Visitorship was supported by UNM Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chaouki T. Abdallah and Dean Kevin Washburn of the School of Law.  Prof. Alford was provided the venue to deepen her expertise in groundbreaking cross-disciplinary issues, and engage with UNM faculty, staff, students and the greater UNM community. The outcomes of the Visitorship pertain to the history of African-Americans in medicine, which enhance the holistic and cultural competence learning experience of UNM students; promote a notion of cultural humility; add substantive content and context to the understanding of Faculty and Administrators; increase the awareness of the larger New Mexico communities UNM serves; and increase the importance of building and strengthening linkages as between law and health professions.

Her publications include Albany Law Review, Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy, Georgetown Journal of Gender and The Law, American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law, Nova Law Review, St. John's University School of Law, Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development, and Annals of Health Law. Professor Alford is the Senior Editor of a book entitled, Enslaved Women in America: An Encyclopedia, Editor, Daina Ramey Berry (Greenwood Press/ABC-CLIO). Professor Alford has served as a board member for the Center for Multicultural Wellness and Prevention (CMWP) since 2008 (Orlando, FL); Co-Chair of the Program Committee for the Third National People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference (2010); board member for the Society of American of Law Teachers (SALT) -since 2011 and; board member for Nap Ford Community School - since 2011.




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Publications by Professor Alford:


  • ENSLAVED WOMEN IN AMERICA: AN ENCYCLOPEDIA (Senior Editor, Deleso A. Alford, Editor, Daina Ramey Berry) Greenwood Press/ABC-CLIO.


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