Prospective Students



 When is the next opportunity to apply? 

Florida A&M University College of Law will begin accepting applications for its Fall 2015 entering class on October 1, 2014.

What is the application fee?

FAMU College of Law requires a nominal application fee of $50.00 ($33.00 for electronic applications). For paper/non-electronic applications, your money order for $50.00 should be made payable to the Florida A&M University College of Law.  Personal checks are not accepted.  Please note that the application fee is waived for current FAMU students and FAMU alumni, who should apply by paper to get the fee waiver. Additionally, the application fee is waived for applicants who have received current fee waivers from the Law School Admissions Council. (For paper/non-electronic applications, please submit a copy of your communication from LSAC granting the fee waiver with your application.) 

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for the Fall 2015 entering class is May 31, 2014. FAMU College of Law will accept applications until its fall 2014 entering class is full. However, please note that admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis as applications are received and completed. Consequently, to be most competitive for admission, applicants should apply early, preferably by May 31, 2014.

Does FAMU offer a part-time or evening program of study?  

Yes, FAMU College of Law offers a four-year, part-time evening program. Most of the students in FAMU’s part-time program are working professionals. 

Must I be a Florida resident to attend Florida A&M University College of Law? 

FAMU College of Law is the only public law school in Central Florida and is the most affordable law school in the state of Florida. For these reasons and more, the majority of FAMU students are Florida residents. Even so, FAMU College of Law values geographic diversity within its student body. In fact, the members of FAMU’s fall 2014 entering class hail from 13 different states outside of Florida. All applicants must submit a residency affidavit during the application process for admission. Via this affidavit, an applicant indicates his or her status as either a resident or non-resident of Florida. 

What is the lowest LSAT score that FAMU accepts? 

FAMU College of Law does not have a minimum LSAT requirement, as all applicants receive a holistic review of their applications based on their entire application file. For the fall 2013 entering class, the median LSAT is (146).

What is the lowest GPA that FAMU accepts? 

FAMU College of Law does not have a minimum GPA requirement, as all applicants receive a holistic review of their applications based on their entire application file. For the fall 2014 entering class, the median undergraduate grade point average is 3.03.

What factors are used in evaluating my application? 

The Admissions Committee considers a multitude of factors, including an applicant’s score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), an applicant’s cumulative undergraduate grade point average (UGPA), an applicant’s writing ability and attention to detail as evidenced by the LSAT writing sample and the personal statement, the academic reputation of the applicant’s undergraduate (and/or graduate) institution, the academic rigor of an applicant’s undergraduate (and/or graduate) major(s), an applicant’s record of community or public service, an applicant’s academic honors and personal achievements, an applicant’s work experience, an applicant’s extra-curricular activities while in school, the strength of an applicant’s letters of recommendation, and evidence of an applicant’s character and motivation.

I heard that everyone in law school majored in political science while in college. Is this true?

No. FAMU College of Law values academic diversity within its student body, and our students come from a variety of academic disciplines, including the arts and humanities, the social sciences, science and technology, business and communications, etc. 

When is the best time to take the LSAT?

The LSAT is offered four times a year—October, December, February, and June.  To be most competitive for fall 2015 admission, applicants should take the LSAT in October or December 2014, but no later than June 2015.   It is important to prepare for the LSAT in advance of taking the test. Resources for preparing for the LSAT are available from the Law School Admission Council

I have multiple LSAT scores? How will this affect my application? 

The Admissions Committee will base its decision on an applicant’s highest LSAT score. 

Can I apply with an “old” LSAT score?

FAMU will only consider LSAT scores achieved within the most recent five years. 

Is there a preferred method for submitting one’s application?

Beginning October 1, 2014, applicants may apply electronically via the Law School Admission Council.  Applicants who wish to apply by paper may print the fall 2014 application from the FAMU College of Law website and mail the completed application to the law school Office of Admissions; however, electronic application is preferred.

I’m confused about who should write my recommendation letters. Any advice?

As law school is an academic endeavor, the best recommenders are those who can speak to an applicant’s ability to succeed in an academic environment and who can attest to the skills that an applicant would bring to an academic environment. For applicants with extensive work experience, recommendation letters from supervisors and/or clients can be very helpful.

How do I get a scholarship?

All admitted applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. One’s application for admission serves as the application for scholarships. Merit-based scholarships range from $1,000.00 to a limited number of full-tuition awards.  Most FAMU College of Law students pay for their education using student loans.

I would like to begin law school during the spring semester. Is this possible at FAMU?


What is FAMU’s policy regarding deferring enrollment?

One-year deferrals are granted on a case-by-case basis only under compelling circumstances. Admitted students who would like to request a deferral must submit a written request to the Office of Admissions.

I am interested in obtaining a joint degree. Are any available at FAMU? 


Does FAMU offer any concentrations or specializations?

FAMU College of Law offers its students a broad-based legal education that covers a wide variety of subject matters.  Additionally, students interested in international law may opt into the international law track via the law school’s Center for International Law and Justice.

I would like to interview with the Admissions Committee. Is this possible?


Does FAMU offer an “early admit” or “early decision” program?


Is it true that FAMU College of Law was recently constructed?

Yes.  In 2006, the FAMU College of Law relocated to its permanent facility at 201 Beggs Avenue in downtown Orlando. This brand-new, state-of-the-art facility is 160,400 square feet and includes a four-level library, 20 classrooms, and a beautiful moot court room.

How do I learn more about the requirements for practicing law in a particular state? 

Contact the National Conference of Bar Examiners at 608/280-8550.

Does FAMU offer a “conditional admit” program? 

Generally yes, however, the College of Law is currently evaluating the conditional admit program for implementation during the summer of 2014.

Why are the Character and Fitness questions important ? 

Please note that there are character, fitness and other qualifications for admission to the bar.   We strongly recommend that prior to matriculation you determine what those requirements are in the state(s) in which you intend to practice.  A number of states require that a law student who intends to sit for the bar examination register with the appropriate state agencies prior to or during his/her legal studies.  Students who desire admission to the Bar of a particular state should contact that state's Board of Bar Examinations to learn more about the state's requirements for admission to the Bar.

I am a foreign-educated applicant.  Are there special application requirements for me? 

If you have received your undergraduate degree from a college or university outside of the United States, you must have your academic records evaluated through the Law School Admission Council’s JD Credential Assembly Service.  FAMU College of Law will no longer accept academic evaluations from other agencies (WES, Josef Silny and Associates, etc). TOEFL scores are not required.

I have been denied admission for the upcoming academic year. May I appeal this decision?

Applicants who have been denied admission can request reconsideration only in cases where the applicant has learned of significant additional information that was not available at the time of the original application. The Admissions Committee's original decision has already considered all academic and non-academic information included in the original application and such information cannot be the basis for reconsideration. The Committee's decision on a petition for reconsideration is final and is not subject to further appeal.