FAMU Law Review Seeks Notes from Law Students for Upcoming Publication: 'The Rule of Law during the Obama Administration'


Law Review InductionThe Florida A&M University Law Review is soliciting notes/comments for an upcoming issue on policies and legislation passed during President Obama's administration. The Florida A&M University Law Review is a well-respected academic journal at FAMU College of Law that explores current legal issues at the nexus of law and public policy. For each issue we solicit notes/comments from current College of Law students. Past contributors include prominent practitioners, policy makers, professors, judges, lawyers, and other experts.  The Florida A&M University Law Review aims to shape the policy-making dialogue by providing what is perhaps the first major collection of scholarship addressing the opening salvos of The Obama Administration. Submissions may cover any subject that fits within the journal topic's broad framework.


We are particularly interested in including the following topics in the Obama Years issue, but this list is not exhaustive:

The overhaul of the healthcare system; financial system

Critique of Obama's Policies; Scholarly response

Implications of the 2011 debt deal on the US economic recovery; 

Legislative and legal challenges to partisan and bipartisan issues;

The effect of President Obama's policies and laws on international law;

The role the Obama administration played in the so-called Arab Spring.

Selection Process

Please submit a one-to-four page proposal on or before Oct. 19, 2011. Depending on space constraints and other considerations, we may be able to extend you a pre-approval offer of publication. The earlier we receive a proposal, the greater the chance we can extend a pre-approval offer.  We will accept note/comment submissions until Nov. 11, 2011. You are not required to submit a proposal or obtain pre-approval in order to submit an note/comment for publication, although doing so is highly recommended. Notes/Comments should be between 10 and 25 double-spaced pages, not including footnotes and citations. All notes/comments and proposals should be submitted via e-mail to michael1.mackhanlall@famu.edu.  If you have completed your upper-level writing requirement and the topic fits our broad theme, then you can forward it to us for consideration in our upcoming journal.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Mackhanlall (3L), Notes & Comments Editor